TF1260 Information

This is some short information about the usage of the TerribleFire 1260 card (TF1260)

First some “Disclaimer”

  • Boards will be sold as BUILT only. no kits etc.
  • Firmware will be programmed on cards by the builder, protected and serialized.
  • Cards are sold AS-IS.
  • There are open beta firmware user upgradable now. using A xilinx programmer or a raspberry pi
  • Due to the newly produced edge-connectors installing in the case can be hard. might need to open the
    machine and unscrew one screw to motherboard to easy installing.
    make sure you pushin the card straight and not in an angle. I know it is hard but this needs to be done or you might damage the connector. Especially if the connector on your amiga isn’t shamfered.
  • To keep compability with mediator (that is a dirty hack) kickstart 3.0 support is dropped.
    (or you need to manually add ram)
  • NO Support is given from Stephen directly. all is done via the person who built the board.
  • Some machines might need a Timingfix, done by removing E123C and E125C (Those are usually not assembled on ReAmigas etc)
  • For Mediator set the CONFIG Jumper, and 4MB

Important about TF1260:
To prevent people from scalping if you sell the board on Ebay or so you will NOT be able to buy a new card.

Every card have a unique serialnumber.

All buyers of TF1260 have a 30-day money back period.

Some tools, download this archive contaning all Files needed for the TF1260:

Here are also 2 files needed:

Newest IDE Driver:
IDE Driver Changes:

* Resolve DOS device name conflicts by adding ‘_a’, ‘_b’, etc to the device name.
* Fix issue where occasionally units would incorrectly be flagged as read-only/write-protected.
* Fix race-condition where, depending on command ordering, the wrong unit would be addressed (would cause HDToolBox to hang).

If you need an image for a CF/SD card to boot from that is a CLEAN WB3.1 with 060 stuff already prepped:

cpuspeed – Sets the CPU speed, the card will always boot at 50MHz. but you can set it to another with cpuspeed speed=MHz cpuspeed speed=66 will set it to the closest to (rounded down) 66 that the multiplier will handle, in this case 62. how far you can go depends on card, cpu, weather and zenith or jupiter.

fancontrol – Sets the speed of the the fan. nontested and might not work.

To use the IDE. You cannot “boot” from this. you need to have a boot device in the internal controller. but using Loadmodule ( )
so unpack the driver (in windows I use 7zip. .. once for the gz and once for the tar) put the ehide.device to your DEVS: dir
add this to your S:Startup-Sequence:
loadmodule >NIL: devs:ehide.device

this will at boot initlize the driver and reboot. now if you have a bootable disk on the TF. it will actually boot from it if your bootprio is higher.

and then you use the MMULib as 060 library install. and you are set to go.. copy the tftools utils to your SYS:C dir also.

A word about 68EC060 and 68LC060 CPUs (rev3 and 4):
You still need to install the 68060 libs as any 060 cpu (SKIP this LC specific version of the lib it doesn’t do any good)
BUT there is a very important thing to know: you NEED to understand that you need to handle the card as a 030 card without FPU. meaning NO 060 executeables. only 030 executeables without FPU. this is it seems that C-Compilers for the Amiga defaults to having a FPU EVEN if you tell it you have no FPU. meaning your system might be unstable. With 030 files it will be working just fine but much faster.
If you have a FULL 060 (Rev 1, 5 or 6) this doesn’t apply to you.

But.. but.. but. Whichamiga tells I have a 42MHz 060 when I should have 50?
YES it does. this is due to the fact that the TF1260 is somewhat sneaky and lowers the CPU speed to 14MHz when it writes/reads to chipmem, this is a nice way to let the cpu cool down when it would be waiting for chipmem to be finished anyway. This however fools the whichamiga MHz guess routine..

Builtin IDE Controller
The builtin IDE controller works as a secondary IDE Controller, you CANNOT boot from it. The driver provided is not optimized in any way..
The A1200 IDE and PCMCIA works just as before. use that.

The A1200 have a feature called “clockport”, it is a big hint.