Upgrading Apollo 4040 to 4060

Now a short description how to upgrade an Apollo 4040 (3040) to 4060 (3060)

As usual the mandatory “Before” picture:

This is equipped with a 40MHz 68040.

So upgrade is easy. you need to find the roms for the Apollo 4040-060 rom and program it to a 27C010 prom. (or I used a 27C1001) I will not include the files here but are not hard to find on the interwebz

Remove the 68040 cpu, it is in a socket. I have heard SOME boards have a 040 socket only in that case you need to add headers to fit the 060. I will not include instructions for that here.

Also remove the 2 (sometimes more) jumpers you see close to the cpu, it is marked “DO NOT REMOVE” but here do that. instead you add a voltageregulator similiar to one you need to use for a Apollo 1240 when upgrading to 060. Add a jumper for the “060” location and move the jumper close to the SIMM socket from 040 to 060.

Flip the board.

Under the “060” socket there is a empty pad marked 060-R0 put a 0 Ohm resistor there.

also make sure “CLKEN” is connected to “GND” and remove the resistor below the CLKEN resistors.

And change the 80MHz oscillator to a 50MHz. and you are DONE!..

(you need to install 68060.library etc etc yadda yadda as usual)


To overclock the board: move the CLKEN resistor to the pad to the right of it.

move the “040/060” jumper to the 040 mode. put a oscillator like a 80MHz and it will be 80MHz.

REMEMBER this will HALF the memoryspeed!

While you are on it. replace all the electrolytic capacitors are they are starting to leak.

And you are DONE!

And About MACH chips. 130 will work perfectly for 060. there are a roumor that you NEED to have 131 this is false!


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