Building the AA3000+ Part3 (Daughterboard)

Ok time to to the DB for the AA3000+

This is more or less “one stage”

First as usual: a board with all passives on:

I made a Locator for this instead of Hese file:

Solder in 74HCT04 at U100
7407 at U101
Even if I do not like it. as I want to clean board before electrolytes but as it is way more easy put on the 100uF electrolytes now.
Solder in the Zorro Connectors.

Basically. if you do not want to use PCB. you could just put in the videoconnectors at bottom and DONE..
but PCI it is:
Solder 33MHz oscillator at U403
LD117A at U200
LM1084 at U404
CN400 molex Connector
MAX CPLDs (EPM7128AQC160) at U400, U401
1000uF Capacitors.

Time for the Bottom connector (videoslot)
if you notice, one connector is too large. you need to remove 2 pins:

To do this. I pull down one pin. and you see the notches. I take pliers and squeeze them hard. then push the pin UP and then you can pull it out from the connector from the other side:

Do this on both pins and solder in the connector and the other smaller one. and you will have a board that looks like this:

Note et the right of the middle connector that 2 pins are removed.

Now you need to program the CPLDs.

you do this with a USB Blaster:

Make sure you have connected power to the Molex (it will always need power this way for PCI to work)
and connect the USB Blaster as shown.

You need now to install Quartus II on your Windows PC (I Use V13.0SP1)

Start it and you will be prompted:

Close the screen with the cross at upper right on the “Getting started” window.

Go to Tools->Programmer:

Make sure “Hardware setup” is USB Blaster. (change to that if not)

Click Auto Detect and you should be presented with:

Fine. It finds the CPLDs.

Doubleclick on the top EPM7128S and a filerequster should pop up. choose the U400 file from the DB archive. and the other file U401 file.

Also check “Program and Verify” on both.

Now click “Start” and it will program:

When Sucessful. your DB is ready to use1


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