Phase5 and their new Boards. And Issues, is it a Fraud?

Aprox this easter I got 2 PCBs from Phase5:

BPPC2-Bottom BPPC2-Top


YES! This is the “new” BPPC2 that should be released this November.

I Really liked the quality those boards have. and I checked inner layers..  or well..  clock outputs.

and found them:



So finding this I believed that YES..  Inner layers etc must be fine.  all must be fine.

One board was sent to a friend of mine, one was kept here at home.

At Amiga32 I met the CEO of Phase5, Salvador.

He showed me the B1260 PCBs.   (yes!  I asked for boards aswell.  he told me to contact him after A32.  I did)

well this got me to think.  Let me finally move those compoenents I have on a board that someone tried to remove the 040 with a heatgun and totally destroyed the board.

So. I posted some posts on Facebook of this.. this post was also liked by Salvador etc.

After I while I had (more or less) finished product that should boot (SOME decoupling caps missing etc so might have some stabilityissues)

Firmware was programmed with a firmware, patched to not load PPC lib meaning it will boot without a PPC mounted.


IMG_0380 IMG_0381 IMG_0382 IMG_0384 IMG_0379

(this have not been inspected in a microscope yet!)

I was quite happy with result.. so I did give it a go. Put it into my lab-A1200 with DiagROM and turned power on.

SERIALOUTPUT! yes. it works. but..  Illegal Instruction.  BAH!

Ok guessed I made some solderingerror (guess there is. this is a TIGHT solder)

but..  it was so cold..   so.  of some reason I was thinking: lets try without CPU.

Same thing!  ILLEGAL INSTRUCTION!..  HOW? there is no CPU on the board.  So it means, A1200 020 must still be running.

Well.  board was cold.  and those CLPDs usually gets HOT!.   I picked up my FLIR Camera (heatcamera)

NOTHING!..  it was black!.. theboard was.. BLACK..  so it doesn’t get hot..

Started to probe and noticed: NO POWER?

Well just some few seconds of probing I noticed: There is no GROUND!..

And if you do not know much about electronics. to have anything powered on you need + Power (5V usually on the Amiga.  but the BPPC uses a lot of 3.3V (and 1.2V I think aswell.)  but  ok you need + Power AND you need GROUND (- power)

and as this board simply just lacks ANY kind of ground..  NO chip atall will get any kind of power WHATSOEVER.

so it will not ever start.  Simply it is missing the GROUNDLAYER.

A pcb is usually split into several layers with copper bonding sifferent signals. this is usually called traces and you can think of them as cables running back and forth between chips.  And there are VIAs that are holes on the board boards connecting different layers to eachother.

AND we have a groundplane.  it is a complete layer of copper where you can get – power to your chip easly. it is more or less a solid layer (except in areas where there are vias NOT connected to this layer)

Well.  I contacted Salvador about this and after some discussion  he was about to contact me for a returnaddress.

time went..  nothing happend.  people was asking me on FB how the status was of the board.  I asked Salvador what to report to the people..  nothing.

So when asking more or less “will this be solved? or refund?”  he really didn’t reply.

So. back from my businesstrip I made a small note about the Groundissue.  Salvador contacted me, angry.

he told me I damaged the board.

This surprised me alot.  as it is TOTALLY impossible to make a copperplane to be totally removed on a PCB.  it is a small copperplane glued between layers of glassfiber.  this means you have to make PRECISE cut and split board in half in that EXACT location this is located.  remove that plane, and glue back all.  AND still also preserve the connections of all holes in the board.    well basically IMPOSSIBLE.

A SHORT is a different thing, that can be introduced. but then there would be connection all over. this however is easy to ssolve by just removing the solder making the short.


HOWEVER..  I told him that OK. I make a video of this. And published a livefeed on facebook of me doing it.

Here you can see me probing my boards compared to an old one.  and the New BPPC boards totally fail to show any sign of ground.

AND as production was promised to be started this november, it would be extremly easy to take 2 new PCBs from production and send.   This never happend.  and after showing this video, no response of proving that new PCBs are correct (as I wold accept mine nonworking as they was old, but then.  why didn’t he say that when he liked my post?)

So basically applying simple logic:  As they haven’t showed proof of working PCBs.  THERE IS NONE!  and they are taking prepayments at this moment.  This is a very very high alert of FRAUD.  I am sorry.. there is no sign whatsoever that new boards will produced.  And by accusing me that I broke the PBC, he simply lack ALL knowledge needed for even BASIC knowledge how a PCB works, yet a complete board with components on.

Remember that number of employees of phase5 is: ONE

Technically YES! it IS fixable.  but they haven’t fixed it, still 8 days after the last day of november (production in November. remember this) but with that knowledge. NO.. Sorry will not happen.

And this must also be the reason why we haven’t seen any working prototype: no knowledge how to do this.


So now it EXTREMLY important that this news gets out, so noone whatsoever makes any prepayments to this company!. IF I am wrong and they actually can deliver: But even then: NO prepayments.


However.  at facebook I asked for a random word to be printed and I would make new scans of PCBs ro proove that PCBs still are intact: Word chosen was “GROUND”

doc00079820171205094736_001 doc00079920171205094808_001

So as you can see.. no marks.  AND this is the board that was at my friends place.  he made tests when I asked aswell.   but proof that there are no tampering on this.  and WHY should I? Paying 149eur each to DAMAGE them??

I however released dumps of our messanger posts so here is is UNCUT:


As Facebook messenger output is bad I edit it somewhat here to be more readable:

Starting with the Phase5 (crap3 file) text:

(text from Phase5 in bold)

DEN 18 JANUARI 23:18

phase 5 digital products
John sorry but we wont get in that discussion about what could be improved and what not. We just want to share a few steps without that totally “overheated” comments like on commodore group. For any suggestions send us emails where we can talk together. Thanks


BPPC Heatsink

thereare one example that works very well..
also seen one that covers even the 060..
AAAND still fits ion the desktop
with rev6 cpu it runs really really cool
I have now got yet another bppc with PPC cpu unsoldered due to heat ??
with working fan..
DEN 23 JANUARI 20:57

how much for a baare BPPC board
as I bought 2 dead boards from a guy who tried to deolder the 040 with hotair. would be nice to get atleast 1 running. .(so IF 2 boards are possible it would be even ncer) nowarranty needed. no support wanted..
as I know that is IMPOSSIBLE to give
DEN 23 JANUARI 22:56

I btw removed my reuqest so it is not public..
DEN 24 JANUARI 00:10

phase 5 digital products
ok i will come back to you tomorrow as it was a long working day..
DEN 24 JANUARI 06:47

Sure.. no problem
DEN 24 JANUARI 20:59

no rush. but please tell when you checked ome kind of price ??
as I have some 060 cpus that feels lonley
DEN 25 JANUARI 12:03

phase 5 digital products
Hi John, so here we go. New Blizzard PPC plain multilayer pcb without any components and as a single exception for you, can be delivered for 149,- Euro per piece. Please keep any information for you in secret regarding this, as we dont want any discussions out there towards final price and or any people wanting the same. Best regards
That is fine and also why I removed the request. Will give a answe tonight as I am on my way back from my businesstrip. So will check status of my boards
Regardibg payment. Can you take paypal or is ot iban?
DEN 25 JANUARI 17:16

but yes. 2 boards please, production quality that goes through normal production testing and thats it. no warranty, no support. Paypal (that I preffer) or IBAN. just give payment info and trackable shipping and it will be just fine
if you have a componentlist as textfile, excel or so would be nice so I can buy new caps, resistors etc instead of using old crap.. but if you cannot easly get this. no problem
DEN 25 JANUARI 21:09

phase 5 digital products
OK, but only over iban and bic as PayPal is not used for specific reasons, as of their fees on top of the recieved funds and specially because they hold back money from time to time illegaly for several weeks and even months, when ever they want to do so with no legal basis, damaging a company that needs their hard earned funds, as experienced several times in the past from other companies, complaining about this. So no PayPal. Later on our site we will see if a credit card payment can be included instead of PayPal.
phase 5 digital products
will come tomorrow back on you with details
I understand. paypal can be “tricky” sometimes.. but please send IBAN info and I will send you money
phase 5 digital products
Yes of course here is the bank details
IBAN: DE23 xxx079 0xxx4 5xxx
Name of the bank account: phase 5 digital products UG
you will recieve also an invoice
need your adress and maybe a phone number, as some times delivery service ask for it.
can send all details to if you want
John Hertell
xxx Karlstad
+46 70 xxx
phase 5 digital products
ah ok i have it
I’lll mail it
so 298eur
phase 5 digital products
Yes correct
Will send that soon. will mail you info
apparenlty bank want some contactinfo aswell
got in your replymail add it there
Sorry for swedish:


will take some days I guess
phase 5 digital products
Hi, thanks for the information and so fast payment. The payment needs about 2-3 working days and is fast done, since laws for iban payment changed to better. In years before it was different and took up to 2 weeks and more until payment arrived, but now it is something like payment inside the own country.
yeah. but asthis is insude EU. it is quite fast. donepayments to Petro T etc. usually 3 days
DEN 26 JANUARI 07:57

Just a question. when you got the payment. how soon can you ship?
DEN 26 JANUARI 10:05

phase 5 digital products
In February as the other boards we have here are already used for testing different parts and we ordered the next ones with time of 2 weeks to avoid higher charges, as this is no China production.
good. so real platings and no crapstuff. me like

phase 5 digital products


(edit: take a note.. those PCBs are MIRRORED! so wrong order)
Pictures taken a few hours ago

soooo nice pictures

<Removed complaints about TED.. to protect innocent people>
(this was about another user on facebook. so not related to this)


Here you could read my demands and payment.  (note: I still haven’t got any invoice from Phase5 backing this payment)


Ok this is a transcript of the discussions I have had with Salvador: (also here, his text in Black)


Here I remove text from 2015, me buying (expensive) A1200 Trapdoorcovers etc only about this matter:


I haven’t posted it yet. I have tried to start up the bppc I get illegal instruction in my diagrom. I GUESS there is some solderinissue. I will try to get it to a friend with a better microscope than I got.. but it starts. so sad about all the naggers.. outthere.. but will not post anything about it for a while to. well just simply not give them a chanse saying “it is wrong on the PCBs” as I know they are ok. buyt might e a microscopic issue. OR CLPD error. but I do not think CLPS issues would do this, it would just simply not even try to start then..

Salvador Fernandez Gomez
Hi John, thanks for that feedback on the work of the bppc pcb. You need to have assembled every part very exactly and counter measure it for its right soldering function on the pads. This board is 8 layers and does work as tested here, however you need to have workings cplds, the simm sockets fitted exactly, the right flashrom who start the board off and try to use less solder on the 68k pins and check every pin on the other side for function as it maybe happen that by soldering it by hand without automatic wave soldering, some pads are not covered or not correctly connected. Use exact configuartion for a 50 mhz 060 in term of crystals and jumpers set with the tiny resistors and try to don’t use uny cable betwenn layers. That is as far as i can see on the first pictures you posted what comes to my mind.
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
Use the most standard configuration for the board until it is possible to boot or get a screen.
Good luck with it
yeah and the naggers will be there even if you get it starting… this is for sure, but they shouldn’t hi-jack your post in order to address their hate and insults to me, because thats what they are doing. These people care nothing about your work, believe me…
yeah I know about the tight solderings so thats why I need to take it to my friend that have a much better scope than I got to see issues. the cable I have on my pictures is a normal hack you do being “lazy” using the same oscillator for both PPC part and 68k part. common thing and I know it works. same as the comos patch for non PPC configurations. (actuially my diagrom starts without any rom atall. as it simply just ignores it anyway so I use it to diagnose PPC issues on BPPCs)

this for sure is not a solderjob for a beginner ??

btw we talked about 1260 pcb etc..please think of a price or so as I wouold gladly make a deal and put together a card. (and the 1260 is like 10times more easy :))
and about hijacking.. well this IS the intenet. and I am guilty sometimes aswell. when it comes to vampire.. ??

Salvador Fernandez Gomez
Good morning John, another stupid wannabe gangster uploaded this shit to the group…


Salvador Fernandez Gomez
i would like that this is deleted from there and from the comments of our picture together as i am getting meanwhile really angry with all that shit and these guys are gonna pay a high price for it for insulting and discrediting me and my company in public and there are lot legal actions beeing prepared right now in the background against all these criminals. They are nothing else.
I take this with the admins. and as usual we will take a vote..

Salvador Fernandez Gomez
has been done anything or do i need to face another smear campaign against my investment ?

Driving now answrr when i get to my client
Salvador Fernandez Gomez

Ok this is the short one.. will take it longer when I get home from work tonight (aprox 20-21) as I am now at a client doing a servermigration.. but The rest of the admins that have responded thinks this is satire.. and they think if should stay.. and think that the best for you is actually to ignore it as shouting damages more.. I however think they are overdoing it and will think of some kind of comment.. as I belive in you and your project.

Salvador Fernandez Gomez
No,no,no i will nothing ignore. It looks not like, it smells to hell, that different people are driving a smear and defaming campaign again me and my company and i am now forced to pull the trigger of reporting this to the police and prosecutors and to sue the responsible person behind that and thos implicated into this. Dont ask for what is coming now. But this will have an ugly end as i am not accepting this bullshit on behalf of my person and my investment made into this company paying upfront for a lot of parts and all the other companies cost. So somebody is gonna pay the bill for this dirty defamation campaign. Thats clear and please dont tell me anything about satire, you and me know what is behind, the try to defame me and my company up to the ground in order that people do not order. This is a huge problem and will be solved by third parties.
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
By the way this Ted profile is a fake and a lot of people, me included, point to Marcel Franquinet beeing behind the Ted profile. I will tell him this later in public.
Marcel have met him this feburary in gothenburg
well I am also sorry to inform you that it seems to inform you that there are issues with the BPPC pcb with atleast GND later..
there is no connection on GND to voltregulators..
on both cards..
one card not evenpopulated..
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
Marcel is the only one who met him, nobody else have seen him.
Ithink marvin was with him aswell
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
The Blizzard PPC boards works here and the design is verified, as for beeing the exakt design that was last time used for sale and this comes from the second largest company of pcb producers of the world with whom i have an non diclosure agreement over 30 pages.
measuting on the nonpopulated and thepopulated.. there is no gnd.. not a single chip gets power..
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
if not so, i would not have sent out these boards to you.
ntived it as I still got illegal instruction without cpu
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
this cant be.
noticed it as I got illegal instrucktion with no cpu..
meaning the A1200 cpui still does work.
but get “noise” and crash..
checked piintouts of chips.. and regulator.. no nothing, no power. then I priobed the GND.. no conection on several parts of the board.. test with my bad board. connectio..
like bteween the GND pins ofthe both volt regulators
will check powerpins on cpu and so on..
hold.. must dig up pin–config
no connection at GND pins on cpu..
on my “blown board” connection on GND pins
I will however not write anothing about this. as shitstorm is NOT needed
3,3V beeps nicly..
no beep on GND between oscillatos either
Salvador Fernandez Gomez


I think you tested the board before and everything was fine.
i send you allready a screenshot of the oscillators part where the ground on both is clearly visible
out of this data was made the boards and out of original gerber files.
Thing is i am not at the office and in the office everything is in boxes as we are moving into bigger offices what takes next week and maybe some days more.
check when you can.
I never checked the GND.. I only traced that damn output pin of the oscillator..
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
If your boards do not work send them later back to us as i then will test them too and if so i would claim this issue at the pcb facilities as these boards are long time paid.
found it on the other end of the board so that made me think: yAH! all layers is tythere
yup.. my soldered one is dead.. and I checked on the empty one aswell. same issue there
no connections between GNDs..
it is like the GNDplane is missing.. or vias missing
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
This is very strange, as i am checking the design right now and everything is there, specialy the ground layer is needed for proper function.
yeah. thats why I was so surprised..
but no IC gets power.. and all is cool.. and that is natural.. as. no GND..
there are connection between gnd between SOME caps..


or.. damn. me thinking wrong.. no that was the plus part that beeped.. on the three to theleft
gnd.. no go
no.. I am right. tantals.. marking on other side… thethee to left they beep when I test
Salvador Fernandez Gomez


GND is connected to top layer and internal planes
from homle to that IC pin. is connection. byt between the GND holes for osciallator. dead
from hole to that IC pin. is connection (as top layer(


testuing marked parts. no beep.. no connection
on my dead board.. there is connection
dead board = the bioard I took components from.. the heatblown pcb..
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
yes i know the exact position you are showing but cant understand why it is so. Well we received different boards and the final boards should have been ordered last week but i had no time because of the movement, but need to do so anyway to get them in the next 2 weeks. There are also different bppc design files and gerber files created during the whole process. The only clue i have is if the pcb faciility where different employees are working maybe choose the wrong files and or had any issues converting the files for their machine as they work with different cam managers and gerber programms. But 2 boards i have here are working. So we will solve this in the one or the other way.
yeah. it is really weirtd..
like someone screwed up a file. yeah
not a signle GND pin at cpu socket beeps for me
also checked GND on ICs . nope. no beep..
except those damn 3 caps.. so far
and decoupling caps inside the cpusocket
(68k cpu that is()
or dohh checking wrong board
let me check the cpusocket on the new board
nope., nothingthere
powerpart of decouplingcaps works. GND side. nope
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
decoupling caps inside the cpu socket ? its getting weirder…
no.. they did not work.. I was tired and measured on my dead oard.
no.. they did not work.. I was tired and measured on my dead oard.
hard day.. ??
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
ahh ok
well for me it sounds like somebody screwed the files in this moment, as gnd is an important layer like vcc too as a vital part of the board
would be a nightmare to jumperwire all gnd points ??
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
but i will test my boards too
easyest and fastest is to check gnd pins in cpu sockjet
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
as you can imagine i am ordering now the other boards too like g-rex and cybervision and csppc
yeah.. would be a nightmare to have that issue on productionpcbs
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
exactly imagine you dont test em and go over to assembly..
yeah. kiiinda pissed on me that I did not check that now before moving those componenst..
as this is NOT a beginner-solderjob hehe
I used atleast 4 times longer time to do this proper when soldering compared when I do the 3660s..
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
yes soldering a bppc by hand is a pain in the ass and back in the time at old phase 5 we or better said Thomas and Vito in the large workshop didnt like me to bring em faulty boards after i confirmed malfunction of the board
hehe I guess
well should I prepare to send you pcb or so? or how do we handle this
like I shold remove Ics and connector
anyway.. I guess we will find a fine solution..
now.. I am off for sleep.. hard day at work tomorrow aswell.. phew
if people ask about the bppc project.. I say that I have put it aside fora while.. no time..
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
Yes you can prepare it for sending it back and yes we can handle it that way as i have enough of haters and hordes going crazy every day, not only on facebook and that is the only reason why other professionals left this market and never returned back as i have been told several times in the last 2 years personally by them.

yeah I know.. but i am no hater.. and shit happens I know.. so no worries..

I am ready to ship the boards.. where to send it? people start to ask me alot so I need something good to say..

Salvador Fernandez Gomez
Amiga people always ask a lot.. even things that are none of their business.
What about the groups post about phase 5 with the so called “satiric” video and my private ebay auctions in order to start flamewars agains phase 5 and me ? Still there. Still no response by admins…
About the boards i will tell ya end of month where to send em.
well admins have come to that it is satire. even if “over the top” but they have been discussing about it and say that this is a result of the wait. it is like when they make fun of trump or any other person.. as nothing illegal has been done. they do not want to remove stuff.. and blocking will not help, just look how “good” it works for vampire..
anyway they are asking me if there are issues with the boatd and that’s why I haven’t shown anything.. actually got offer to use their microscopes to inspect.. so it will be hard to be quiet without saying anything.. but now I am “saved” by the fact that I ambusy with 3660 to eagle etc
TIS 18:29


I am thinking of this situatiuon with the BPPC board. how is your plan to solve this?
I mean. I get lots of questions on several forums, FB, IRC, Mail etc asking. I simply cannot forever say that I am just waiting for time as I got offer from people with professional gear to inspect the board.

I for my own sake simply need something to answer with. so. yes boards are from this easter so it is a preproduction run and shit can happen.
But when I send my boards to you.. will you be able to ship working PCBs to me quite directly? or should we just cancel it?
TIS 21:06

Salvador Fernandez Gomez
Hi John, well i don�t care about people asking you over which ever channels they want, as these people are not interested in the product. They don�t ask us, so why should they ask you ? But if they ask you instead of us, then it is clearly with the intent to get any �bad� information they can spread then over any networks, forums and groups like the facebook group you are admin of. The criminal smear campaign against phase 5 and me is still posted on the Amiga Commodore group and not a single admin thought about it to delete such disgusting entries attacking my person and my company even then not when it was told to you/them, just ignoring my messages. So what are you asking me right now ? That if I don�t answer or I don�t agree to something you want, that the next smear campaign is started ? Did you know that you bought the boards on your own risk as told before and did you know that we have two of them working ? Could lead to an embarrassing situation for you. So you should be more careful trying to insinuate a blackmail-scenario as I and my company cannot be blackmailed.
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
If you want help and things solved do it by asking gently for it. If so we can agree that you send the boards over to the new address we need to set up a postbox as we are moving right now and are extremely busy with different things to be done too. As you can imagine we are working around the clock on several vital points up to very time consuming details in order to get the company with their products back to the market. Of course nothing that is done in a couple of days.
No people are asking as they are courious if the data is real and they are missing prototypes and that is the simple reason.
And I did buy the board of my own risc yes (having dead machchips or so). but I also did buy the boards with the expressed and only requirement that it would pass your production qualitycontrol.
missing groundplane would not pass even a chinese qualitycontrol. so the only thing I ask is two board that passes this nothing more or less.. it is not about blackmailing or so atall.
And people making fun etc, well that is just a natural happning when they doesn’t see stuff. We cannot block any of them as they simply are not doing anything illegal or so. And for your own business you shold as soon as possible show booting proof. I would gladly help you doing this as I love the P5 hardware and this was the reason to show people I was working on the board.
to simply show that data is real. Moving company takes time.. yes. but I am at the same time not asking for much. I am asking for 2 PCBs that passes qualitycontrol. not even programmed mach-chips. and to be honest I can show you a video of me measuring the vias that it is dead. so techinically sending PCBs back would be pointless. but ok I can accept that, no problem. but at the same time when getting them, taking 2 pcbs, put in a box and send back doesn’t take so much time.
I do that with 3660s daily… So simply no blackmailing atall. I just want PCBs so I can get the 2 boards (or atleast one) working that I know should have working mach-chips as they worked before frying the PCB with heatgun. nothing else.
do not get me wrong! I want to help! I want you to suceed.. and I am defending you the way I can.
FRE 19:13

Salvador Fernandez Gomez


“do not get me wrong! I want to help! I want you to suceed.. and I am defending you the way I can.”……
well.. I have been thinking on what you wrote… and read it several times.. and.. well.. simply.. there is no interest of fixing the issue.. IF you had productionboards you would say “ship and we fix” and I would have them soldered by now. all done. people are aksing me.. like 2-3 persons a day.. I need to give info
they think I am emplyed by you
employed.. and I told. I need to have soemthing to tell.. and I asked you what to say..
and you told me “I knew I took a risc with the pcbs..”
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
you and me have nothing to do with people
thats a cheap excuse
no. sorry.. but no issuesolving in 3 weeks..
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
no matter how much time it takes
we have no contract together
well.. I bought 2 pcbs for 160eur each that should pass your qualitychecks
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
and i states nowhere that i am not supporting you
no.. but people think so as I have been quet..
all to give you time to solve
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
the amiga like since ever !
again what do i have to do with “people” ????
well. they have seen me doing that board..
a board that never will boot
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
and ?
one iof your boards..
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
but our boards will boot
and it will not boot because I did sometjhiong wrong..
it doesn’t take 3 weeks tto get an adress to ship something
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
and when i see just how you soldered the 060 part i get a heart attack
maybe you did something wrong
I have that empty pcb herte.. dead as a doornail
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
thats not the way to tell us that we did something wrong
and thats a reason why I did not ship.. as IF you refuse to fix it.. I have something
so.. I have proof your boards is dead as doornails.. you did not even want to solve the issue.. just delaying
there is no chanse in hell you can screw up a gnd plane with soldering or even 220V power
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
you have been told since beginning that it is on your own risk
thats not the way how things are done
no you sold boards to me that should pass your quyality checks
THAT was my only demand
and apparnetlty missing GND is ok
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
i told you dont try to blackmail me or my company
this is no blackmail
not atall..
it is me getting fake boards
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
it is BLACKMAIL !!
it is a dissapointed buyer getting fake baards for 160eur/each
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
now it is not your bad sildering skillz now it is fake boards
I have all mail left.. all bankissues..
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
and now ?
I have a totallyuntouched board..
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
what are you trying next ?
well.. send me 2 working PCBs (and I return those) plus soemthing for the 5 hour of solderwork.. (luike 1260 pcb) or full refund (and I return)
then nothing
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
what are you dreaming about ?
there is nothing abiout it.. I will then say: everything is solved
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
nice try
well ok..
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
forget it
then I know.. tyou sold me fake boards
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
you blackmailed me with your poor soldering skillz
HOW can a emty board be broken of soldering?
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
without correct equipment
it is never touched
and HOW can soldering break a GND plane?
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
tell me your adress
i will send you your board back
dont wanna have gifts from you anymore
well yo got a gift of 160x2eur already
for fake PCBs.
so send that PCB to a random amigauser..
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
i delivered 2 boards to you there is no gift i recieved from you beside your board at the Amiga32 event
I paid 160eur each.. for productionquality board.. I got crap
so apparentlty I gave youi 2×160 eur
and you show no interest of fixing the issue
so basically : you tricked me sending money. I gave you three weeks to solve it..
all I got was bad excuses.. I was kind all the way.. but no attempt of having a solution and when I asked you tthis week if you was able to handle it.. you basically told me you will not
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
What are you talking about tricks ? what are you inventing now ? stop it
tricks? you sold me 2 worthless PCBs..
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
no i sold you 2 8-LAYERS PCBs on your behalf to have those pcbs
in my order I told they must pass your qualitycheck for production
so that means you plan to sell BPPCs with no gndplanes


and now I understand why no paypal: then I cannot dispute..
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
John are you going back to the roots ? where one of your first comments on phase 5 news was “oh no not him to get the phase 5 data” ?
i don’t use paypal at all since several years.
for very good reasons
stop this bullshit talking
in the facebook group
you screwed me.. I hoped my first thought was wrong.. I hoped..
i was right from the beginning
you tricked me selling 2 wothless PCBs
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
i screwed you ? why beacause you are unable to get it working ?
as you sold 2 pcbs with no GND plane
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
stop talking this bullshit. I tricked NOBODY !
you sold me 2 wortyhless PCBs..
explain HOW inner planes is dead on my boartds.
HOW did I do that?
it is not even possible
even if I push 220V through it.. it will be there.
nothing.. board is UNTOUCHED.. no gnd
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
how is it possible that you recieve the boards and test all planes and everything is fine and tell this to everybody and now where you start to solder the board manually the board is now fake. Meanwhile i don’t know what to think about your words.
there is NO way of removing one layer
an INNER layer also..
ok outer layer.. just sand it off. but an INNER layer?
just please ask ANYONE how to break a inner layer without any other sign on the boarrd.
Salvador Fernandez Gomez
First everything was working TESTED AND CONFIREMED BY YOU ! and now after soldering the first parts nothing works and then the only “reason” this can be is to invent that i “tricked and screwed” you. Well John applause for your great behaviour !
if it was tested then you missed the GND plane
it is impossible to break inner layers wijout it shws.. and people do KNOW that
I will do a live broadcast tomorrow.. withcloseups of the board.
so people wil see it is totally untouched
and let THEY decide..


And this is the last..  here I announced my videofeed of me testig the board (top of this post)

and as you can see. when I started to demand. he went all mental, and also showed his total lack of knowledge by telling my my soldering made the groundplane go away.


This is it..  case closed.

IF Salvador mails me, I will for sure add it here.  (YES! even if it contains proof of groundlayer on new PCBs.. but then I still guess it is a small stack of 5 or 10PCBs  not for production)

still then he haven’t sent me PCBs that goes through production control (as ordered) or even an invoice (mandatory by EU law)


So this is a company you should avoid. Sorry  but this is it.  no more Phase5 boards.

please spread the news, and any text taken from here is free to use in newspost etc,, but you MUST link to this page!


Over and out..

It IS kinda disturbing to see on the Phase 5 FB page that his Blizzard announcements gots 1000+ likes.  and most from people around india.

where the Amiga wasn’t sold?  buying “likes”?


AND oh!   Salvador has now a Lifetime ban on his biggest place to announce stuff  the Commodore Amiga group on facebook with 17000+ members.!

where he is GROUNDED!



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15 thoughts on “Phase5 and their new Boards. And Issues, is it a Fraud?

  1. This reactivated Phase5 was SCAM from beginning. Those frankenstein boards with soldered wires with no working proof or preorder with no guarantee, and many other weird things were Warning Signs like he don’t accept paypal (becouse paypal will return cash when you proove scam). Mr. S. Gomez think that he can easly collect few grands from Amiga Fans…..I’m happy that this comedy is Over…It’s shame to freeload like parasite in the name of legendary “Phase 5”. I have Blizzard 1260,before I have B1230IV and they are masterpieces Amiga hardware…. The new fake5 is crap and scam…Of course owner will call Police or bring a lawsuit against me after my comment like he threatened everyone who suspected it that is a scam……It’s good that people did not let be fooled. Bye Bye Phake5 🙂 PS: Sorry for my not perfect english but I hope that anyone can undeestand what I mean 😛 Cheers

    1. Even more scary is that he still makes posts about it. AND also a post of a “manupilated video” (ehh it was LIVE!) damn if it wasn’t true.. take a pcb, a crappy cheap multimeter and do a 5 min video.. but he can’t as.. HE DOESN’T HAVE ANY WORKING PCB!. (or knowhow)

      it is so sad and I hope noone did any prepayments

      1. Yes It is scary,but the funniest thing about Ms. “No Ground” Gomez that he blame everyone for attacking his “good” name and all new Phase5.
        Of course his reaction (threatening police and lawsuits) speaks for itself.
        This is FRAUD/SCAM/THEFT from beginning.
        Also funny was his response,when you found out that these PCB’s don’t have GND: “No proper soldering skills or faulty soldering iron” or that you “remove GND layer” of course word “BLACKMAILL” is the best.
        I hope that no one trust his promises after your exposure and don’t send even penny/cent.
        I have doubts from first info and “prototype” new Blizzard and I’m happy that I don’t belive in this,especialy that he don’t have any technical skills.
        Price list is also funny and it’s smells fake from 10 miles.
        Anyway big thanks for finally proof that Phake5 is only attempt to fraud money, and don’t worry he can’t do nothing to you or anyone,he is only good in scaring becouse he still belive that he can make some money from this scam…
        Cheers 🙂

  2. Nice to read all of this nosense from this phase V guy just from looking his posts on the facebook page you can tell he is fucking insane.
    He have scam written all over, i can’t believe how a high end user like you chucky fallen for this scam.

  3. lol everyone should have seen through this bs from the start sad thing is anyone with a bad board/dead could have done this scam anyone can at least sand down each layer and do a proper 100% copy this guy was to lazy to even do a good scam at least makea pcb that works idiot ffs we know u dont have the files to the CPLD’s thats what really is important

  4. also im thinkin its him buyin up used on ebay tryin to keep his prices high 2 times now i was snipped at over $2200 just lookin at his BS facebook thats all he talks about is ebay someone who was really doing the stuff he says wouldnt be wasting such time but he has 0 tech skills he is just a business scammer VAPORWARE anyone reading this dont be a idiot give this guy 1000’s of dollars when he cant even show a working proto dont be FOOLS

  5. This is the same company that scammed people on indiegogo for the C64 keycaps in 2015. They still haven’t sent a single keycap to any backers and they never will. Absolute thieves and conmen.

      1. Interesting, quite the coincidence. Both scamming using Commodore addons under the name of phase 5.

  6. I’m gonna just make one of these cards and Open Source it to get rid of this guy forever.

    1. or a competitor.. modern stuff. and this moron can just crawl back to where he came from

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