Upgrading the Phase 5 Cyberstorm MK2 from 68040 to 68060

This is how to upgrade a Cyberstorm 68040 Accelerator for the Amiga 3000/4000 to 68060.

I got a A4000 motherboard and Cyberstorm MK2 040 sent to me from my friend Klementino from Croatia to be repaired and maybe do something with the Cyberstorm, so why not max it out?

The Cyberstorm Acceleratorcars are the best accelerators for big box Amigas and it for sure is a beaty:


So.  first. what do we need to to?  well.. we need to move 2 resistors, remove one jumper and do some work to change the CPU voltage from 5V (that the 68040 uses) to 3.3V (that the 68060 uses)


So the areas we need to have some attention to is:


I have marked the areas with red circles.

First one resistor.  I have called it “jp1” might be TOTALLY wrong but it is located between the top 2 simmsockets and on a 040 card it is located like:


This you have to move to the other position:


OK when this is  done, we take the next one.  between the “middle” simmsockets close to the osciallator.

At 040 mode it is like:


Move this to the right so it looks like:


You will also need to change the oscillator. On this board it was soldered in, some seems to have sockets.
But I removed the osciallator


And as the holed are quite big, I could push in small socket-holders:


I decided to put in all 6 holes.  so I can support both type of oscillators.


That was the easy part. now we have to change the voltage to the CPU.  This is EXTREMLY important. failure if this WILL fry your cpu.

you will need one LT1085CM-3.3 voltage regulator 3.3Volts and three 1N4001 equivalent diodes. (some say that this is not needed..)

I found one voltageregulator in my drawers:


This is too big to fit, so first bend pins so you can solder it. and cut the pins.  but the part with the hole needs to be cut in half or it will simply not fit.


Well. the voltregulator-area on the 040-Board looks like:


So here we see a small “wire” jumper that must be moved to the opposite location. Then solder in the voltregulator and diodes.


The diodes I had was slightly too large..  so not that nice here, but works fine.

Also notice the red little ring.  you NEED to change that wire-jumper to that position, or you will send +5V into the CPU. and it WILL fry your CPU.

now change your CPU to a 060 one.  Use a 68RC060 no LC or EC, even if they might boot, you will be wighout MMU/FPU and that is just plain wrong in a setup like this. (actually my machine crashed using EC when I tested) IF you can get hold of a Rev 6 (71E41J marking in the corner) USE IT! It runs very cool and can be overclocked a LOT!)
(on ebay.. WARNING there are a lot of fakes.  many shows a Rev6 photo, but sends rev 0, 1 or 5)
You can also use a freescale version, no problem.

And last: remove the small jumper “above” the CPU:


Put in a oscillator of your needs (remember overclocking above 66MHz WILL make the SCSI Controller fail if you have one. and faster clock needs faster memory) test at 50MHz first, clock later.

Then your board would be somehting like:



Power on and:


IF You get a unstable machine etc. you first should check that you have the correct libs. I use the following files that I put in libs:

Have fun with your 68060.




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10 thoughts on “Upgrading the Phase 5 Cyberstorm MK2 from 68040 to 68060

  1. Thank You so much! It’s been fun watching Your magic done. Now time to get some fun using it! 🙂

    Greetings from Croatia Amiga Community!

  2. I have Cyberstorm MK 2 060 SN B400769 with me that disables X-Surf 100 to be seen in Early Startup Menu (with A3630 X-Surf 100 is seen).

    In CS2 manual there is some text about 66MHz firmware upgrade, but I only found thishttp://phase5.a1k.org/download.php?f=27944082f71ff06138880291cd407c83&countonly=1 which refuses to update without CS2 SCSI card. Saying

    CyberStorm 040 SN# B400506 – B400569 and CyberStorm 060 SN# B002827 – B003065 are affected by several DMA related problems due to a slight difference in the electrical specifications of certain parts caused by supplier change
    SCSI units connected to the internal SCSI bus of the A3000(T) are not recognized while having RAM installed to the CyberStorm
    does not work in the A4000T with RAM installed on the CyberStorm
    in an A4000 with a Fastlane or a A4091 SCSI controller installed, peripherals connected to the SCSI bus are not recognized
    boards with these serial numbers had to be sent back to Phase5 for rework

    By serial this card should not be affected, but I wonder that was that rework Phase5 planned for those? I have some Ebay high resolution pictures of SN SN B002901 that should require that rework, but I see no physical signs of rework done in it, unless there was rework in the components that are near SIMM sockets and not seen in pictures because of SIMM modules.

    1. I do not know what kind of reworks was done. something tells me a CLPD or so needed to be reprogrammed.

      Do you have a Buster 11 in your machine? also try Z2 modde if it changes things.

      1. Yes I have Buster 11 in all A4000s used. Z2 jumper did not help.

        I try to describe it more clearly:

        With this CS2 060 in any A4000 motherboard and any of zorro expansions/daughterboards Early Startup Menu is empty of any content no CS2, no X-Surf and no Cybervision 64.

        But when I change CSPPC 060 to same motherboard. All 3 are visible in Early Startup Menu.

        Clearly something wrong with this CS2 and gear or idea how to reprogram CLPDs for it, however I thought about firmware (AM29F010 corruption) but that would cause more fatal effects I assume. The whole card is inspected with a microscope and clearly nothing visible is causing this. The card itself seems to work and all the memory in it too, but it somehow blocks its own identity from Early Startup Menu and everything zorro card that is connected with it.

  3. I have been advised to, before doing all the switching of components, apply the latest FLASH firmware to my MKII, else it will not boot after upgrade. Is this correct? I do not own the SCSI module, and the flash recommended to me is in an archive on A1K that starts with SCSIxxxx.lha.

    Please advise.

    1. Well so far I haven’t needed to flash the rom. but sure as it seems to have same code for both 040 and 060.

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