Upgrading the WarpEngine 3040

A friend of mine wanted to upgrade his WarpEngine 3040.

As he now uses it in his A4000 instead of 3000 he wanted possability of 128MB RAM and a faster CPU.

So. First lets inspect the card


A nice card. but that 2 sockets is annoying and the INT2 cable. So time to start up the Desolderingstation to remove the sockets


It is not recomended to try sucker, braid or so. use a desolderingstation with pump.

Anyway. new sockets that the simms are straight up instead of an angle:


After removing the sockets:


Nice and clean board. So we solder in new sockets. and then on the 040 socket there are SMALL plastic pins to make a distance for the 040 and the socket.  I removethem as the 040-060 adapter have one drawback: quite short pins. so we need every space we can:


So cut those small distances.

and put in the 040-060 socket with CPU:


As we will keep the 40MHz oscillator and the 040-060 adapter actually DUBLES the MHz, a rev6 cpu is the only thing that works. In this case a nice Freescale one.  If you do NOT havethe Rev6 (71E41J at the top and -006 at the bottom) you need to change the oscillator to 25MHz (for 50MHz) or 33MHz (for 66MHz)


This is the final prodct with 128MB SIMMs, Freescale 060 CPU.  and as the CPU contains a FPU and the acceleratorcard is not 060 ready. We need to change the kickstart roms to a special patched one, with a special exec.library.  I will not link them here due to Copyrightissues.   but without this special kickstart, your machine will end in a eternal guru.  IF You use an 68LC060 this will not happen. But then you will not have a FPU.

Lets BOOT!




EUREKA!  128MB Ram, 80MHz 060.  Awesome.

What is the temp?


After some usage, 47 degrees. not that hot. So I start Eludes demo “The machinist” and let it run for a while.



ok Close to 60 degrees.  So I would recomend a heatsink to this.


Anyway.  everything fine. machine works just great, 128MB instead of 64MB Ram and a fast 68060 at 80MHz.



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    1. I have no WE here to test. hopefully someone reads this and can provide the info

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