Sigh.. Phase5 .. AGAIN

Well I know I told I would not write more about Phase5..

Just a quick update.

Salvador. the “owner” that also have been banned from Facebook. (both personally and companypage)

he have done (C) strikes about me on FB from fake accounts and Youtube.  I have reported those claims as fake. but it is hard to talk to something else than BOTs..

So videos of me sanding the bppc PCB showing it is lacking connected ground etc is removed.

HOWEVER!  they are all saved:  so links to them from my local own server:


how this even can be a (C) issue I do not understand.

BUT! do download the files.  spread them. inform the people about the scammer.



Also.. on the 24:th of december I sent phase5 a request of a total dump of all registers they have about me and my person to be sent to me. According to the GDPR law.  this would include the invoice he refused to send me!..



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